Web Designers

If you are a Web designer or work in a Web design business, you can submit your site to my Web Designer listings. Fill out this form as completely as you can. When you fill it out as accurately and interestingly as possible, your listing may also get promotion on my home page.

Another option for Web designers is to submit your best designs to my Web Design Design Gallery.

Web Hosting Companies

While I don't accept hosting reviews directly from Web hosting company employees, you are welcome to link to this form and ask your customers to submit reviews. These reviews will be posted to my Web hosting customer reviews section. And once there are several reviews from one company, I'll write a profile of your company to post in my hosting profiles section.

Get Your Page Reviewed

Anyone who has a Web page can get it reviewed on my site. You can get a design review or an SEO review, or both if it suits you.

Suggest Web Design and Development Articles and Products

I don't often link to Web design articles or products that have been submitted via email. I prefer to find the ones I link to through Web browsing topics that are interesting to me and my readers. If you are still determined to submit your article or product, you may contact me. Please note that you probably won't receive a reply whether I decide to link to you or not. There aren't enough hours in the day to respond to every request of this nature that I receive.