Project Type:

  • Design project
  • CSS and standards-based HTML project

Purpose of this Project:

Three column websites are very popular with many clients because they provide a great way to get multiple streams of information high on the page and above the fold. By creating a 3-column information page for your portfolio, you show that you can create a great page in a format that they will like.

Project Description:

Create a three column Web page that is designed to convey information. You can either redesign an existing site that you don't like or create a new page from scratch or with placeholder text.

Make sure to use valid CSS and XHTML rather than tables for your layout. While it's certainly possible to create a 3-column page with tables, you should create portfolio projects using the most standards-based and accessible tools as you can. If you don't know CSS for layout, preparing this project is a great way to learn.

Technical Requirements for the Project:

  • CSS

Original Page:


Special Notes for the Project::

If you have never created a 3 column Web page with CSS, using a Web template is a great way to start.