When you want to build a Web page, the easiest way is with a free Web template. These free 3-column templates will help get you started.

  • 3-Column Centered Flexible Width LayoutCentering your three column layout makes it fill the browser viewport nicely. And this template uses a flexible width so that it fits different resolutions correctly.
  • 3-Column with Header and Footer LayoutOnce you have a 3 column layout, you will probably want to put a header and footer on it. This template makes it easy.
  • Better 3 Column LayoutThere are many ways to do a 3-column layout using CSS and XHTML, but this one is one of the better ways to get 3 columns on your Web page without a lot of headache or trouble. And this 3-column template works in both IE and Mozilla (Netscape) browsers.
  • 3 Column Layout with FooterOnce you have 3 columns on your Web page, getting the footer to display below all three columns can also be a pain. Luckily, with just a slight modification to the better 3 column layout, you can add a footer with ease.
  • Three Column Top Layer LayoutThe three column layout is very difficult to do in CSS, but it is possible. And this variation adds a top layer.
  • Three Column LayoutSimilar to a newspaper, this three column layout features fixed width columns on the right and left with a variable width center column for your main content.