When you want to build a Web page, the easiest way is with a free Web template. These free 1-column templates will help get you started.

  • Top Square Navigation LayoutI got the idea for this simple layout from a forum I was reading, where the writer wanted the text in the layout to wrap around the navigation box. I just thought it might look nice.
  • Brown Crossbar LayoutThis Web site layout was suggested to me by Marcia, the Bipolar Disorder Guide at About - it uses three divs to create a cross in the upper left of the page with the main content held below it.
  • Top and Bottom RowsSometimes all you want is branding at the top and contact/copyright information at the bottom.
  • Centered Single Column LayoutThis is a very basic layout, with the content centered on the page in an 80% wide column. Usually the page itself is a different background color, with the content surrounded by a border. For this template, I chose to make the main page color grey with a black border.